Monday, May 14, 2012

Chiến tranh là gì (What is War?)

War, something commonly misunderstood and forgotten
War is hell
War is foul; war is horrid
War is thrilling; war is labor War is treacherous; war is unforgiving
War makes you a man; war makes you dead
War makes you a hero; war makes you a cynic
War makes you brave; war makes you a coward
War means everything; war means nothing
War is heroic young men marching into combat, winning glorious battles, and bringing peace and democracy to the world.
But really, what is war?

War is a thick haze that lacks clarity
Where wrong seems right
Where hate seems loving
Where pandemonium seems orderly
Where savagery seems mannerly
Where the enemy seems to be everywhere
Where you can’t tell where you are and what you’re fighting for
Where the only thing certain is the vast insecurities you face

With War come stories
Stories of chivalry, honor, devastation, and gut wrenching truths
You can tell a true war story by the questions you ask.
Somebody tells a story and afterward you ask yourself,
"Is it true?"
If the answer is relevant,
You've got your answer.

If you hear a story and you want it to be true,
It is. But then again it isn’t.
Let’s say a soldier sees a grenade fall within his platoon,
He jumps out and takes the hit saving every man but he dies.
Is it true? Or is it a Hollywood saga?

Same story but different ending,
A soldier sees a grenade fall within his platoon,
He jumps out and takes the hit in attempt to save his companions.
Instead everyone dies to include himself.
Is it true? Or is the guy a damn fool?

A true war story is never moral,
It never generalizes,
At the end of the story all you can manage to say is “oh,”
A true war story never analyzes,
In the end, a true war story makes the stomach believe.

But really, what is war?